Breath Meditations

Sensory Organ Care Meditation

It feels like the world is grabbing us by the shoulders and trying to shake us up and tell us to "come to our senses" There is a huge plea for us to wake up and use the faculties we have been given with keen discernment (this word in Yoga [...]

Sensory Organ Care Meditation2021-09-10T14:22:24-06:00

Energy Management Guided Meditation

The 3rd Pillar of Health is Brahmacharya, Energy Management. Tune into this Audio Guided Meditation and Journal Session to help you get clear on how you are upholding this pillar of health in your life. I run the call the way I run the "Year of YOU" weekly zoom calls: [...]

Energy Management Guided Meditation2021-09-10T14:23:05-06:00

A Bedtime Yoga Nidra

Mediation is a huge tool to connect with yourself. This Nidra - designed to allow you to fall asleep, was recorded for my Year of YOU group during the COVID lockdowns. We agreed that being curled up in your own home after a Nidra is a fantastic way to practice [...]

A Bedtime Yoga Nidra2020-11-26T12:00:19-07:00

Extend Your Exhale

An exhale, an opportunity to let go of what no longer serves you, to clean stuff out and create space for something new. Feel stuck? This one will help you clear away the clutter and feel the potential of each vibrant inhale.

Extend Your Exhale2020-07-12T08:14:23-06:00

Breath with the Elements

Understanding our connection to the five elements helps us find our balance.  I feel like I connect to these elements through my Ayurvedic understanding of them. As I tune into how I feel I can use the elements as descriptors of what I feel in my body. They give me [...]

Breath with the Elements2020-07-12T08:13:33-06:00
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