Breath Meditations

Extend Your Exhale

An exhale, an opportunity to let go of what no longer serves you, to clean stuff out and create space for something new. Feel stuck? This one will help you clear away the clutter and feel the potential of each vibrant inhale.

Extend Your Exhale2018-10-23T13:53:05-06:00

Breath with the Elements

Understanding our connection to the five elements helps us find our balance.  I feel like I connect to these elements through my Ayurvedic understanding of them. As I tune into how I feel I can use the elements as descriptors of what I feel in my body. They give me metaphors and visuals that guide [...]

Breath with the Elements2018-10-23T14:54:04-06:00

Union in Breath

Yoga means Union. Translating that to something tangible is achieved when we can experience that union. That is why I love these experiential breath mediations. They are so much more powerful than trying to explain something in an essay or facebook post. Connect to the definition of yoga, to the union that it speaks of [...]

Union in Breath2018-10-23T14:54:45-06:00

The Miracle of My Breath

So, how often, if ever, have you considered what exactly your breath is doing for you with each inhale to each exhale. My bet is it hardly ever crosses your mind. So that being said, lets explore. You know my fondness for metaphors, well get ready for Jill Novak’s simple explanation of breath. Give yourself [...]

The Miracle of My Breath2018-10-23T13:58:10-06:00

Organ Breathing

Another one inspired by the fantastic Donna Fahri’s “The Breathing Book.” Let's explore what the breath does with your organs. Bringing attention back to your organs is a beautiful way to redirect your nervous system back to its resting and relaxed/parasympathetic system. When we start to feel and sense our organs our breath automatically slows [...]

Organ Breathing2018-10-23T13:59:20-06:00

Breath Into Movement Practice

Sometimes it helps to centre ourselves before we start movement. It helps to “drop in” and get connected before we move. For this inquiry, sit tall on a bolster or some support underneath you. Move through the process of dropping in, then allow your movement/asana practice to begin naturally from this place. Notice if this [...]

Breath Into Movement Practice2018-10-23T14:00:46-06:00

Diaphragm and Pelvic Floor Inquiry

This one is self-admittedly difficult. It is strange to try to connect the diaphragm to the movement of the pelvic floor, and yet when this function can be in its optimal state in our bodies we have a huge advantage in function, stamina, and efficiency. When this connection works as intended we move in ease, [...]

Diaphragm and Pelvic Floor Inquiry2018-10-23T14:03:16-06:00

Four Sided Breath Meditation

Sometimes how we position our physical body is key to how we can find our natural breath. Often lying flat on your back is a bit restrictive and you need to support yourself along a bolster, a recliner, or even upright with your back against support. A position that allows your spine to be in [...]

Four Sided Breath Meditation2018-10-23T14:05:12-06:00

Explorations of Your Breath Pattern

Want to dive into how you and your breath are actually connected? Increase your awareness of when and how your personal patterns are restricting your body’s ability to have full and strong breaths? When we realize that our breath is not optimal, and we start to understand when it happens, then we can begin to [...]

Explorations of Your Breath Pattern2018-10-23T14:07:10-06:00