Jill’s Yoga: The 4 Step Guide

We have been taught to look outside of ourselves for health answers. We are supposed to see a trained professional, get a test, a pill, a treatment from someone educated and versed in the latest scientific studies and breakthroughs. They know how to help us. We try to describe our aches and pains and wait [...]

Jill’s Yoga: The 4 Step Guide2019-06-13T08:37:41-06:00

The Exhaustion Loop

The Exhaustion Loop There is this cycle that happens over and over again. It keeps us trapped in an exhausting behavioral loop that always ends the same way - in defeat. We make a decision to get serious about our health and wellness and we jump in with enthusiasm,  “pulling up our bootstraps” to do [...]

The Exhaustion Loop2019-05-26T13:00:41-06:00

What I Learned in my Yoga Teacher Training

The Things I Have Learned in my Yoga Teacher Training: 1. It is just the beginning Do you believe that you’ll take your “Yoga Teacher Training” and acquire all the skills you’ll need? Your first training just whets your appetite. 2. Find your voice After every training your teacher’s voice will reverberate in your classes. [...]

What I Learned in my Yoga Teacher Training2019-05-26T12:43:18-06:00

The First Steps in Your Unlimited Success

Upstairs, above the yoga studio, works a very accomplished, professional woman. She is well educated, highly skilled, and authoritative. I know this because I can hear her shoes. The click, click, click of her power heels as she crosses the floor above me screams a successful businesswoman. I reflect on my quiet bare feet and [...]

The First Steps in Your Unlimited Success2019-04-26T14:48:30-06:00

Unlock The Truth In Your Natural Elements

Can you picture parts of your anatomy as water or fire or earth? Feel the fluidity of water and vitality of breath? It is an interesting thing to picture the elements of the earth as part of your being, and it gives a rich and juicy metaphor to play with. Ayurveda and Yoga see the [...]

Unlock The Truth In Your Natural Elements2019-01-11T19:21:26-06:00

Life On A Luxury Cruise

A Sweet Sailing Life: My Cruise Ship Analogy For Understanding Your Nervous System Imagine a cruise ship sailing calm warm seas. You are on deck with the sun shining down on you. Attentive staff surround you, ensuring that you always have a cocktail in hand, preparing beautiful food, creating entertainment, or cleaning your room. Think [...]

Life On A Luxury Cruise2018-11-11T15:39:12-06:00

Personal Evolution

I actively sought out conversations with women about their dreams of personal evolution this summer. These discussions were rich and meaningful, just the way I love them. I met with over a dozen women and learned that above all that we are all the same. That we are talented, skilled, educated women waiting on the [...]

Personal Evolution2019-05-26T13:01:42-06:00

Gratitude and Trust

This summer I have been Re-Visioning. I think it was kick started by my oldest graduating, and feeling for the first time, the suggestion that these kids really are only gifts for a short time before they are ready to leave. I have two other still deeply entrenched in our home, but the suggestion was [...]

Gratitude and Trust2019-05-26T13:02:51-06:00

Spring Clean

A good spring cleaning just feels right this time of year; let the windows open and fresh air blow through, chuck stuff out where it has stacked up in all corners, maybe even try a detox or short cleanse for the body. But what else could this spring cleaning do? I am just in the middle of a [...]

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