Personal Evolution

I actively sought out conversations with women about their dreams of personal evolution this summer. These discussions were rich and meaningful, just the way I love them. I met with over a dozen women and learned that above all that we are all the same. That we are talented, skilled, educated women waiting on the edge before leaping into our dreams, filled with beliefs that we don’t know enough or will be judged for what we share. Beliefs that what we have to say is not as valuable as other voices, that someone else is already doing it better, that we are too late to get started. What I learned is that there is in many of us an itch, a voice, a calling that is getting louder and louder and some of us don’t quite know how to answer it, let it out, or free it from the insides of our heads. In my conversations I heard doubt, fear, isolation, and self limiting beliefs. And man that felt familiar. Very familiar.

When I wasn’t on long walks, sitting in tipi’s or lawn chairs immersed in the greatest conversations, I was reading. I read lots about why there is an almost universal feeling rising up among women, a feeling, a need to share their voice, connect to their innate wisdom for healing and thriving, I read Lisa Lister, Martha Beck and Rebecca Campbell and heard about the centuries of conditioning telling women that this inner voice and all it has to say is wisdom calling junk. It’s not scientifically proven. Its not tested. It is granola, hocus pocus, ungodly, heathen information. Women who have shared were not only easily dismissed, but persecuted. So we’ve been well trained to smile and be pretty, and shut up.

What is interesting to me, is that the more I practice yoga/ayurveda the more this inner voice, this big desire rises up, wanting to be shared. This practice is a huge part of how we are going to transition through this murky middle ground and find our platforms. Practice rooting down, getting quiet, taking care of first things first, and harness the ways and means to share our individual, empowered authentic truths.

So what if we leash the power that comes from yoga, mediation, hiking in nature, digital breaks, sleeping well, slowing down, caring for our digestion, and healing our body. When we drop in, listen, respond and feel the rewards of a strong and vital body it opens up the vast additional energy that we’ve been needing, that boost to help each of us reach our higher purpose. A place where we make decisions from a deeper more connected wise part of self, where we are totally in line with our higher life goals, and we are feeling amazing. Vibrant, Alive, Thriving.

We can do this. I’ve been practicing!

Gratitude and Trust

This summer I have been Re-Visioning. I think it was kick started by my oldest graduating, and feeling for the first time, the suggestion that these kids really are only gifts for a short time before they are ready to leave. I have two other still deeply entrenched in our home, but the suggestion was enough to pull a few heart strings. I am feeling immense pride as he heads off to Uni, and immense loss at this kid not coming up from the basement each morning and sharing in his every day.

This bittersweetness is part of personal transformation, letting go of a past version of self so that a new version has space to arise. My son is ready to let go and it will be amazing, I am sure, to watch his new adult self arise. As for me, I am dropping deeper, needing grounding and space to notice what it is that wants to rise. The support of my yoga and ayurveda practice have ensured that this process of growing into the next thing is full of gratitude and trust.

I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Spring Clean

A good spring cleaning just feels right this time of year; let the windows open and fresh air blow through, chuck stuff out where it has stacked up in all corners, maybe even try a detox or short cleanse for the body. But what else could this spring cleaning do?

I am just in the middle of a Spring Detox. Jason and I have been doing the Wild Rose Cleanse for a lot of years and it always feels great. It is in line with what my body wants in the spring, and I love the shift in habits it promotes for us. And.. this year it feels different.

This year, with more Ayurveda experience, with a greater level of intuition available to me, I am noticing that cleansing my body is directly tied to my creativity and ability to bring ideas into fruition. My mind is clearer and more efficient, my energy and drive to create is available, and I am noticing the expansion of my mindset.

Ayurveda would help us explain this with what they call the Gunas or natures qualities of influence. In the winter we spend all winter creating heavinesswarmth, and stability. Cozying up under warm blankets with hot soup and a fireplace beside us. Then in the spring it feels intuitive to throw off the heaviness of that winter cover, and stretch out and feel spacious again. This season is our annual invitation to clean out, to feel lightcool, and mobile again. The problem is when we don’t heed this intuitive call we can be held down as the weather shifts and the wet, damp, season of spring over rides our natural instincts. Falling into sync with circadian rhythm means we must shift from our winter hibernating habits to new ways. We must clean out, move more, and lighten up. Switch our brains over to the invitation of the season.

In our homes we like to open windows and let the fresh air blow in, clean out the back door closet of the ski pants, toques and mitts. In our bodies we shift from eating warm cooked hearty food to greener, lighter, meals. Where we live this isn’t usually something we need any encouragement to do, we CRAVE it after the past season.

This year I am finding that as we stretch into this new space there is an opportunity to do more than shed clutter or extra pounds, there is an opportunity to shed old beliefs, old patterns, and open up to new thought processes and ways of being. We need this spring detox to create some time to allow this evolution. The movement and effort required to wash, scrub, haul, in our homes is beneficial in our bodies and in our minds. Move the body to still the mind. The action of raking, digging, mulching in our gardens, the planning of simpler, lighter, greener meals, all suggests readiness for change in not only our bodies, but in our beings.

So…what does that look like?

Take time to allow shifts. Notice what sensations are coming up for you. Where do you have resistance to throwing something out? When do you feel cravings? Notice the emotion that sits between you and the action and allow yourself time to be with it.  This moment, this subtle acknowledgment is so powerful. We are attached to our way of being in this world, our old habits are grooved and well established, and pulling them out to be examined can feel sticky, uncomfortable, and scary. We often notice that we eat, or let stuff pile up, or zone out on our devices, because it helps us avoid sticky/uncomfortable/ scary feelings. Our growth, our intuition calls us to look at those feeling head on. In my cleanse this spring, there is so much to discover in the moments… I go to have snack only to realize that my intuition says not to – it is enjoying this time freed up by lessening digestive effort. What I am actually feeling has been mind blowing. It is taking this cleanse thing to a whole new level for me. My awareness of patterns that just hold me back is astounding. And allowing it all the time and space to shift is a different approach from what I have felt in the past.

Spring Cleaning in the house and garden. Spring Cleansing the body and soul. Highly recommended.

Want to do a 3 week cleanse with me? You define what cleanse means to you. We build a community of support. We create tools to expand the cleanse to a deeper, juicer level. We start in June. Message me for details, I haven’t quite got it all worked out in my head yet.