Escape the spin of your hectic schedule and stale beliefs.
Intentionally cultivate the life you are meant to live.

Small Changes for Big Shifts
Unwind of all the things you have tried to be. Allow what you are to finally shine.
This is the invitation of A Year of YOU!

Interrupt the current pattern in your life to experience something different.

  • Access more ease in your body
  • Sleep better and have more energy
  • Enjoy better moods and less reactiveness in your relationships
  • Tap into your intuition
  • Leash the power of simple self-care moments

Unfurl who you are meant to be.

External overwhelm or internal discontent?

You’re sucked for time, balancing everything from your kids’ lunches to business meeting agendas. You feel exhausted. Tapped out. You’re fulfilling obligations to everyone else BUT YOU. Driven to change by external circumstances that are defeating you bit by bit. 


Prodded from the inside. You feel an invisible force trying to make its way to the surface:  A voice to be heard, a light ready to shine. There is a strong desire for change. It can no longer be ignored.

The common thread is your desire for change.

You have a willingness to take a hard look at the little things that are adding up in your life and replace them with nurturing and supportive things.
This year, the next 365 days, offers you time to relax into a new way of being.  Nurture the vitality and spirit inherent in you, without draining an energy tank already on empty.

Yoga and Ayurveda are tried and tested philosophies. Ayurveda provides us with daily rituals to ground us in an increasingly volatile world. Yogic theory helps us understand our own belief patterns and the self-sabotage tendencies that keep us from embracing change. 
A Year of You
Is it possible to live in this modern world and still apply yogic principles?
The science and art of Yoga and Ayurveda say yes.
  • Boost vitality and allow flow by syncing with natures cycle.
  • Use keystone habits to drop anchors of certainty in your day.
  • Experience change as positive. Know the difference between valid fear and something unfamiliar.  
  • Stop burn out with a balanced approach to your day.
“We become what we repeatedly do.” – Stephen Covey

We are the sum of our current habits. Where we are at in life now, is the cumulative result of the habits we have held.

Each day in this course you will intentionally curate the new habits needed to be the person you are evolving into. We throw away the “all or nothing” paradigm and create simple, daily practices. 

  • Exercise 10 habits. Integrate with repetition 4 times. Evolve in 1 year.
  • Learn the principles of Ayurveda and how this “life-science” supports you.
  • Practice cutting edge Habit Evolution from the yogic perspective.
  • Clarify your personal values, reveal WHY you want to feel great.
  • See your benchmarks and strive to raise them.

A Year of YOU

Full year enrollment: $1425 

3 month enrollment option: $665

GST will be added to prices.

We enroll new members each quarter, in January, April, July, and October.

The next start date is April 8, 2020.

Your investment includes:

  • Weekly Zoom (live video) meetings. 44 in total, recorded in case you can’t be live.
  • An Online Library of habit videos, a workbook, recipes and other support materials.
  • Membership in our private facebook group
  • Personal coaching sessions with Jill
  • An Accountability Partner (if you choose)

Full year enrollment BONUS for April 2020

4 Private Yoga Therapy Classes with Jill – $300 Value

One hour private sessions to dive into your personal needs and find the best ways to access healing in your body.  We investigate breath, range of motion, stability, and reflect on what practice is best to balance the imbalances that you are experiencing. Honestly, sometimes people need to learn meditation and stillness. Often you need to create keen awareness with isolating movements and create strong neuromuscular patterning. Sometimes you need to sweat it out and work really, really hard. We just don’t know until we work together.

Quarterly Live Ayurvedic Kitchen Events with Eileen Bossons

Dive deeper into the Ayurvedic concepts of food, learn how to incorporate the 6 tastes into your diet, understand how eating seasonally works, and how caring for your digestive system can be a game changer for your health. These pop up events have been in-collaboration with Certified Ayurvedic Chef, Eileen Bossons. Eileen  has aligned with these ancient principles with amazing results. Her understanding and passion for the subject makes it so easy to learn from her.

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What is your biggest challenge right now?

What do you want from life that your current habits can’t deliver?

What questions do you have about this course that I can answer?

Many of you know I hosted a Year of Jill in 2009 and have never looked back. I discovered first hand that looking after me was not selfish, and would not change the care and love I could offer those around me. Quite the opposite: the idea of “put your oxygen mask on first” is real and important for each of us.

If you are ready for “The Year of You”, then let me support you in your personal growth goals, and help you unfurl into the next version of you.

Chances are you can almost feel that version itching to get out, asking you to shift just a little to create space for new patterns to break through. I believe in the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and Yoga. They are basic, common sense, intuitive suggestions that sync with my inner wisdom so seamlessly. The trust I have in the information that you will learn is deep and abiding: listen deeply, and the rewards are abundant.

– Jill

Jill Novak

What Participants Say

“I most likely wouldn’t have done this with any other coach.  Jill was professional in all our Zoom calls. Supportive of every person and didn’t feed into any negative energy.  She kept us on the right path and had the right advice to make sure we would always see the baby step. I found her facebook posts very helpful as well.” – KJ

“Jill facilitated an open and safe environment for introducing these new habits. She focused on the 1% which allowed me to keep taking baby steps even when I didn’t have the habit mastered. The calls were well organized and flowed really well. I wasn’t sure what I would think of the video conferencing but I was really impressed with the level of engagement it allowed.” – JT

“Jill has become an amazing support system for me and I am thankful for her. There is no question that Jill is knowledgeable in her field, and she has a very realistic and down-to-earth take on how we can incorporate better habits into our modern lives. Jill also has an incredible way of helping me to connect to my body and my  breath.” – SS

“I love love love Jill. She has been a personal inspiration in her own life and changes (with willingness and vulnerability to share). She is high energy, so knowledgeable, and has helped with pain management and overall mental health. She asks probing questions, keeps us accountable, checks in, is supportive, and positive. She is also super inclusive and makes sure everyone gets a chance and is encouraged to open up.” – MB

“This course has taught me awareness; physical, mental, cravings, sleep patterns. I am able to see when I feel good and when I’m going or have gone off course. I can recognize this and step back in to get back on course. I’ve introduced earlier to bed, meditation, water in morning routine, lighter dinner. These are becoming natural. I’m exposing myself to some of the other habits that I have more resistance to but am not hard on myself about how they make me feel.”  – CP