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Ayurveda Habits for Healthcare

Ayurveda: Habits for Healthcare

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Thursday May 30, 2019
6:00 – 7:15pm

Alchemy Yoga

What does Ayurveda offer as a pathway to health? How can we sync to the circadian rhythm to life easier, more productive, with more grace. AND…. how does this lead us deeper into our life purpose?

We free up the energy our body is constantly using to digest, recover and heal, and enable it to be used for bigger things.

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Yoga & Ayurveda for Habits that Heal

Yoga & Ayurveda for Habits that Heal

Free talk!

Friday, June 14, 2019
6:30 – 9:30pm
Shanti Hollow Yoga & Retreat Place

Join Jill Novak at Shanti Hollow Yoga & Retreat Place in Pincher Creek for an evening of Ayurveda and Yoga. We will start Jill’s signature mindful movement class that cares more about letting you drop into you than achieving any big master pose. Based on the principles of Yoga Therapy Jill aims to keep you supple and relaxed long after the class is done. After that, we will drink tea, dig out our journals and learn about Ayurveda and how simple habits from this age-old “life-science” can help us stay sane in our busy modern world. 

If you want to get a head start on knowing how you and Ayurveda fit together google Dosha Quiz and take a couple of online tests to see where you fit. The pieces will fall into place when you come to learn more. 

Register by emailing Jill at 

After the evening you can sign up for an online strategy session with Jill to discuss your biggest health concern at the moment and what Ayurveda offers to support you. Jill offers a Year Long Course to help you evolve 10 basic Ayurvedic Habits and uplevel your wellness and vitality.

A Year of You
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The Year of YOU

What is this course?

It is a year dedicated to learning you. You will uncover the small things that support you to feel great and then incorporate them into your life. Simple.

But don’t confuse Simple with Easy. If this were Easy you would have done it already on your own.  We have set beliefs, patterns, theories, experiences that have led us to the place we are now, and these filters have a pretty strong hold on us.

“We become what we repeatedly do” – Steven Covey.

We are the sum of our current habits. Where we are at in life now is the cumulative result of the habits we have held. If we want to be somewhere new we must create new habits to get us there.

How do we create new habits?

Practice, practice, practice. Yoga is always a practice. We never reach the end of our journey and call it done. New habits are the same.  Every time we hit a Cancel new plateau we need new habits to raise us to the next level. This is how up-leveling habits up-levels our life:

  • Exercise the 10 habits. Integrate with repetition 4 times. Evolve in 1 year.
  • Learn the basic principles of Ayurveda and how this “life-science” supports you.
  • Anchor lifestyle habits that care for your mind, body, and soul.
  • Understand why these habits are so necessary.
  • Practice cutting edge Habit Evolution science.
  • Clarify your personal values, reveal WHY you want to feel great.
  • Personal Inquiry to set your benchmarks and strive to raise them.

Who is the ideal candidate for this course?

  • If you are fed up with where you are at in life and want to break out of your current situation.
  • You are feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, anxious or depressed.
  • feeling itchy about where you are at and recognize the need for a shift to help you level up.
  • Struggling with chronic illness, or symptoms that are sidelining your life.

The common thread will not be what is holding you back. The common thread will be your desire to change. Your willingness to take a hard look at the little things that are adding up to big things in your life, and throw them out, replacing them with something more nurturing and supporting.

When and where does all this happen?

We meet online, once a week. Using a simple video conferencing tool called Zoom, you login to a meeting where you gather with your community. Calls happen one evening or morning a week, and there are 44 of them each year. Each one recorded for you to listen to later if you have to miss the live meeting.

We enrol new people 4 times a year, the next cycle begins July 2019.

Your investment in this course will include:

Weekly Zoom meetings

  • 11 weeks x 4 cycles is 44 one hour calls a year. Recorded for when you can’t listen live.

An Online Library of support material

  • A workbook, videos, recipes, breath practices, meditations, and life hacks from Ayurveda and Yoga. This will be available 24/7 to support your journey when it is convenient for you.

Membership in our private facebook group

  • Report breakthroughs, find community, get supportive daily posts.

An accountability partner

  • A partner in the group to bounce your daily practices off of and find daily encouragement.

Personal 1/2 hr coaching sessions with Jill

  • Bring your biggest challenges forward and together we lean into the discomfort to see what is blocking your progress.
  • Learn your personal constitution and the individual factors that support your wellness.

Investment for the full year is $1425+GST.

Enrollment Bonuses for July 2019:

4 Private Yoga Therapy Classes with Jill  

One hour private sessions to dive into your personal needs and find the best ways to access healing in your body. We investigate breath, range of motion, stability, and reflect on what practice is best to balance the imbalances that you are experiencing. Honestly, sometimes people need to learn meditation and stillness. Often you need to create keen awareness with isolating movements and create strong neuromuscular patterning. Sometimes you need to sweat it out and work really, really hard. We just don’t know until we work together. (Value $300)

One Hour Wellness Assessment with local Ayurvedic Physician

In conjunction with Synergy Collaborative Health, you will have a one-hour session with Harpal Rajewal, an Ayurvedic Physician who will do a full examination of your well being. The way an ayurvedic consultation works is darshan (looking at the subject), sparshan (pulse reading/palpation), and prashan (questioning). (Value $100)

2020 Mexico Retreat

Early Bird registration and 10% discount.


A standing invitation to all workshops that I deliver in the community, including “Off the Mat an Examination of the Yoga Sutras” at Alchemy Yoga Wednesdays 12-1pm.


“I most likely wouldn’t have done this with any other coach. Jill was professional in all our Zoom calls. Supportive of every person and didn’t feed into any negative energy. She kept us on the right path and had the right advice to make sure we would always see the baby step. I found her facebook posts very helpful as well.” – KJ

“Jill facilitated an open and safe environment for introducing these new habits. She focused on the 1% which allowed me to keep taking baby steps even when I didn’t have the habit mastered. The calls were well organized and flowed really well. I wasn’t sure what I would think of the video conferencing but I was really impressed with the level of engagement it allowed.” – JT

“Jill has become an amazing support system for me and I am thankful for her. There is no question that Jill is knowledgeable in her field, and she has a very realistic and down-to-earth take on how we can incorporate better habits into our modern lives. Jill also has an incredible way of helping me to connect to my body and my  breath.” – SS

“I love love love Jill. She has been a personal inspiration in her own life and changes (with willingness and vulnerability to share). She is high energy, so knowledgeable, and has helped with pain management and overall mental health. She asks probing questions, keeps us accountable, checks in, is supportive, and positive. She is also super inclusive and makes sure everyone gets a chance and is encouraged to open up.” – MB

“This course has taught me awareness; physical, mental, cravings, sleep patterns. I am able to see when I feel good and when I’m going or have gone off course. I can recognize this and step back in to get back on course. I’ve introduced earlier to bed, meditation, water in morning routine, lighter dinner. These are becoming natural. I’m exposing myself to some of the other habits that I have more resistance to but am not hard on myself about how they make me feel.” – from anonymous survey results

“Many of you know I hosted a Year of Jill in 2009 and have never looked back. I discovered first hand that looking after me was not selfish, and would not change the care and love I could offer those around me. Quite the opposite: the idea of “put your oxygen mask on first” is real and important for each of us. If you are ready for “The Year of You”, then let me support you in your personal growth goals, and help you unfurl into the next version of you. Chances are you can almost feel that version itching to get out, asking you to shift just a little to create space for new patterns to break through. I believe in the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and Yoga. They are basic, common sense, intuitive suggestions that sync with my inner wisdom so seamlessly. The trust I have in the information that you will learn is deep and abiding: listen deeply, and the rewards are abundant.”  – Jill


What is your biggest challenge right now?
What do you want from life that your current habits can’t deliver?
What questions do you have about this course that I can answer?

Thank you. I will be in touch to book a time to talk. Let’s ensure that this course fits what you are looking for in your personal wellness journey. – Jill

My Vibrant Life
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Yoga and Ayurveda: Habits That Heal

July 11 – September 19, 2019
$665 (plus GST)

When we take small steps in the right direction we create sustainable change. Don’t bite off more than you can chew, notice the impact of small change and keep your action step well within your willpower. Immersing yourself in the structure of a growth-oriented community is proven to increase your chances of success as well. That is what I do, create community, deliver small simple steps, and create this huge beautiful space for your awareness to grow, allowing you to see your own evolution.

This is an 11-week course dedicated to adopting daily habits that support your personal evolution.

My experience of these habits is that they provide me with a toolbox of skills to draw on when I feel out of balance. I notice that when I am in balance I am following a few key habits, and learning my keystone ones for personal evolution. I have let go of the idea that things just go downhill as I age, and have learned that I can continue to create energy and joy every year as I sync more with the rhythm nature offers us. I’ve released attachment to being busy, learned to say no, and carved out moments of time for self-care. My daily choices are changing and the results are powerful, tangible, and feel like a deep content breath that breaks into a big smile.

I will support your Investment in your Healing Habits in many ways:

  • Weekly live coaching calls focusing on one Ayurvedic Habit each week. We will meet online and our calls will be recorded for anyone who can’t attend live. We decode the habit of the week, troubleshoot, ask questions, and get support. These calls will be Thursdays at 9am for 75 minutes.
  • An Online Library of support material full of videos, recipes, breath practices, mediations, and life hacks from Ayurveda and Yoga. This will be available 24/7 to support your journey when it is convenient for you.
  • Membership in our private facebook group to report breakthroughs, find community, get support
  • An accountability partner within the group to bounce your daily practices off and find daily encouragement.
  • Two personal 1/2 hr coaching sessions with Jill – bring your tough layers forward and together we lean into the discomfort to see what is blocking your progress.
A Year of You
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Fireweed Yoga Teacher Training

Fireweed Yoga Teacher Training will uplevel your personal wellness and life integrity while providing you with the professional skills necessary to become a teacher of all that is yoga.

This program will support your personal growth, satiating that life-long learning need that we all have. It will offer an introduction into each of the 8 limbs of yoga, and the key principles of the practice of yoga in mind, body, and spirit.

This 100-hour program will certify you to use the Fireweed Yoga RYT distinction.

The syllabus will ensure that you are versed on the foundational postures of our current yoga culture and understand how to use different poses to create different experiences and outcomes within the body.

Fireweed Yoga has complete details and application form.
Sayulita Mexico Yoga Retreat

Sayulita Mexico Yoga Retreat

The 2019 Yoga Retreat in Mexico wrapped up on February 14. We are now debriefing, assimilating, and plotting improvements for next year. We know this much:

We loved our little hotel in Sayulita. We loved the yoga shala where we convened each morning to do our meditation, yoga, and daily workshop. And we loved the upper floor where we lay under the stars for Nidra each night. The amazing kitchen staff made the most delicious breakfasts for us each morning. They went out of our way the day our group was sick, providing jugs of electrolyte water to help soothe our tummies. The front desk guys and patient housekeepers make us feel cared for and safe.

We loved the town of Sayulita – the beaches, the shops, the restaurants. The easy-going vibe of the community that we immersed into so effortlessly. We found busy active beaches and serene quiet ones, loud and boisterous streets, and quite shady trails. We built sandcastles, sipped Margaritas at the beginning of the week, and guzzled mineral water at the end of the week.

The routine of our day was:
7am Meditation
8am Yoga
9am Breakfast
10am Workshop
11:30am – 6pm Afternoon Fun
6pm Dinner
9pm Nidra

After we completed the morning workshop our schedule was flexible. Our small group size allowed us to hang together as much or little as we wanted. We learned a lot about the place that will help us create some great new adventures for next year.

We are taking all this in and deciding how to proceed for next year. And we will keep you posted on the plans!!