Past Events

Spring Cleanse 2022

This is an intentional time. Time to look at your daily rhythm and see if it reflects who you want to be. Do your habits support the person you are becoming? We take time to purposefully choose. Choose to stop doing things that make you feel like crap and add [...]

5 Days to Kickstart Your Powerful Morning Routine

Join us for this FREE workshop beginning on May 13, 2022. This workshop will run for 5 days and features 2 LIVE calls on May 13, 2022 and May 20, 2022 at 12pm. Then 5 days starting Monday of crafting your ideal morning ritual. SIGN UP BELOW!  How you spend [...]


Yoga’s Layers of Being and Your Wellness

Learn how the energetic layers of your body, the Kosha's, support your path to health. Each layer has a way of communicating with us, when we can listen and learn from every part of our being we heal. The 5 layers are: Physical Breath Mental Emotional Intuitive Bliss In this [...]


Ayurveda Summer School 2022

This mini course is meant to offer the opportunity to see how these ancient concepts resonate with you.  For me, learning Ayurveda felt like learning something that my body instantly recognized as true.  Each piece helping me know and understand me better than I did before.  This has been an [...]


Fall Cleanse 2022

Read Below for Details or CLICK HERE to sign up! Shifting seasons is hard on our bodies.  As we move from Summer to Fall and Fall to Winter there is a need to fortify and slow down. Be intentional about your shift.  Jill and Sheena have anchored this semi-annual cleanse [...]


Restore Your Rhythm

SIGN UP NOW! Restore your Rhythm This is module 1 of a 12 workshop series. Each can stand alone, and will build on the knowledge shared in previous months. Friday March 10, 2023. 12:30 - 4:30pm This month we remember the cycles of nature, the Ayurveda Clock, gives us a [...]



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