What if you were in charge of hiring the Backstage Manager/Tour Coordinator for the biggest headliner touring right now? You would spend all the money necessary to get the best most experienced person, with the best track record for the job.

What if we made this into a metaphor about BREATH. What if you allowed your breath an All Access Backstage Pass to your body (the biggest headliner right now!) and Breath was in charge of all the behind the scenes stuff that helped the “show” come off without a hitch.

We spent an hour in class today allowing our breath to get into all the back corners and behind the scenes areas of our inner workings – allowing its expertise, knowledge, experience, and wisdom work its magic on our systems. Because our Breath really is as brilliant, as important, and as knowledgeable as the person hired to pull off these mega concerts and events.

Give your Breath a backstage, all access pass. Let it move in your body. Notice when you are restricting it. Ask yourself why would you do that? Breath needs unlimited access to ensure everything goes smoothly. You have the right tools in your Breath – just let them work!!