This year the Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded to two scientists who decoded how living in Rhythms with the Earths Rotations is the key to our health. Our circadian rhythm is our built-in, self sustaining biological clock. Ayurveda has been quietly sharing the same wisdom for 5000 years. Ayurveda means life knowledge, so our modern science is finally shining light on what keen observers have been testifying for centuries. In my own life I can attest to this as well. Being in rhythm with my life means simplifying my routines and being very intentional about how I take care of myself. When I am mindfully practicing the habits I have learned I am clear, focused, energized, awake, and really really content. It is a good feeling.

That good feeling also now highlights when I fall off course and let things slide, even just a little bit. I notice the sluggishness immediately, the scattered-ness in my mind. This being said, the moment I notice this sluggishness I am able to choose to course correct and fall back into my learned circadian habits. These practices feel so instinctual once I slide into sync with them again it is like I hear my body sigh with relief and satisfaction.

Over the last few years I have had wonderful teachers in Ayurveda and each one of them has highlighted different areas of awareness and focus. There are great resources on our interconnected digital space that deliver this wisdom to us. Google the teachers that have brought it to life for me: Matthew Remski, Mona Warner, John Douillard, and Larissa Carlson. They all have incredible knowledge and experience. But no one has made it more accessible for me than Cate Stillman. Cate’s book, Body Thrive, and her website, have been invaluable in taking Ayurvedic concepts and distilling them down to easy daily practices. I highly recommend all of it.

Find the rhythm and reduce the amount of energy you are spending just to get through your day. Use that energy to heal your body. Once things are feeling great that energy is all yours – the sky is the limit. Use it for what ever your heart desires.

This is cool stuff.

Here is the link to the Nobel Prize article in case you still need the “proof” that this is real, tested, truth.