Letting go of that constant need to pull the belly is can be a really really difficult thing to do. It is still reinforced in many exercise regimes, and we are told by our doctors and therapist to keep our core strong. And so we suck in. Worried about muffin tops and perceived flab. The problem is, it is perpetuating the problem – perpetuating a core that has less strength, elasticity, reactivity. Perpetuating a host of other issues that come when our core can not be reactive, able to both contract and release when needed.

So it sounds simple. Let go of the belly sucking in thing. Yep simple. Yet not, in working with my yogi’s we have discovered that there is a huge emotional component to this habit. We feel more “in control” when we do it, and allow ourselves to let go feels destabilizing, uncentered, wobbly – and not in the belly. We have created a state where we actually feel more secure with this habit in place and for some of us, untangling it creates emotional upheaval. Hmm, who knew. I did.

So the practice can start on the mat, in the safety of your own home or in the studio, what can you allow in your own body? Can you let the belly swell with a beautiful breath? Can you allow it to move with the movement innate in your diaphragm and pelvic floor, the organs turning, and moving, and getting a massage with each breath that is allowed to enter the body?
It is simple request – let go. See if it is easy for you. Let the exploration begin.

I love this blog. It helps us dive into the WHY we will benefit so much from this exploration: Why Belly to Spine Should NOT Be On All the Time!