I have been really blessed by a crowd of supportive yogi’s that are itching to dive deeper into the stuff we are learning together. This summer things started to align as one of those people happened to be a travel agent with magic talents at arranging things. So with the help of Allie Temple this retreat is finally coming to life. I am so excited to invite you to join us in Mexico this February.

We have arranged for 12 of us to escape for just 4 nights down to Sayulita Mexico to the Hotelito Los Suenos. This location offered us the absolute best opportunity to check off my whole wish list of what our accommodation, yoga space, and food would be like. We have a glorious room full of yoga props, a small boutique hotel off the beaten path, the chance to room together and immerse ourselves in community. Add Allie’s fierce ability to come in at a great budget, and… we are going.

We leave Feb 11th for 4 nights of deliciousness. Flights are included in our package. We leave from Calgary direct to Puerto Vallarta. Once we land it is a 45 min drive to our little oasis in Sayulita. We have some 2 bedroom Villas reserved that will host 4 people each, and booked some single rooms for those wanting a bit more quiet.

Daily Rhythm:
Feb 11th:
11:45 am: Depart Calgary for Puerto Vallarta
Arrive for dinner and an evening yoga class to introduce ourselves and get settled in.

Feb 12th / 13th / 14th:
Morning Yoga Class followed by breakfast. Enjoy a free afternoon to explore. Return to the studio in the late afternoon, then dinner and an evening activity.

Feb 15th:
Morning yoga class then a wrap-up before we depart for the airport at noon.


So, if you are still reading then the logistics at least sound appealing. But logistics are only the details, the structure. What goes into the time slots and descriptions is full on deliciousness. Time. Oh sweet time…. to slow down, tune in, BE. Without expectations or goals.

Our intention is to create the space and time you need to hear the messages that you body is telling you. Learn really simple and concrete tools to be able to respond to the messages you are hearing and watch how these tools can be skillfully applied to help you feel balance, connection, grounding, and focus. It is incredibly simple stuff, and hard as sh*& for many of us to do.

We will work with Movement/Asana and explore how your body has learned to cope on so many levels and help it unwind to its natural firm and balanced structure. We will work with Breath/Pranayama and learn how to gather important feedback from your breath quality. And we will dive into your unique Dosha, and how Ayurvedic routines can be your best friend.

Basically by the end of this you and your body will be BBF’s, in a mutually respectful, loving, honest relationship.

$1640 for Villa shared room
$1900 for private room

Payment can be made by email transfer or PayPal. A $500 deposit is due when registering with the balance due by December 1, 2017.

Mexico Retreat Flyer

Read a more detailed itinerary here or register now!