This summer I have been Re-Visioning. I think it was kick started by my oldest graduating, and feeling for the first time, the suggestion that these kids really are only gifts for a short time before they are ready to leave. I have two other still deeply entrenched in our home, but the suggestion was enough to pull a few heart strings. I am feeling immense pride as he heads off to Uni, and immense loss at this kid not coming up from the basement each morning and sharing in his every day.

This bittersweetness is part of personal transformation, letting go of a past version of self so that a new version has space to arise. My son is ready to let go and it will be amazing, I am sure, to watch his new adult self arise. As for me, I am dropping deeper, needing grounding and space to notice what it is that wants to rise. The support of my yoga and ayurveda practice have ensured that this process of growing into the next thing is full of gratitude and trust.

I wouldn’t want it any other way.