10 Habits for Health

10 Habits for Health


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When we tune to nature’s rhythm we find ease. Ayurveda prescribes how certain times are good for certain activities so that we can always be at ease as we keep optimal health. 10 Ayurveda habits give essential answers to our inquiry “What do I need right now?”. When we learn them, they become simple tools in our return to rhythm, putting us back on the path to health (and our highest self, as our highest self is in health!). Year of YOU members experiment with these habits all year long, building capacity and wellness as they integrate them into their life. This is using lifestyle as medicine. It is taking radical responsibility for your life, in super practical steps.  Expand your toolbox with basic daily choices. 

The 10 steps are: 

  • Practice Rhythmic Eating (when you eat)
  • Prioritize Your Sleep
  • Start Your Day Right
  • Put Breath into Your Body
  • Meditate
  • Oil Your Body
  • Care For Your Senses
  • Eat Plants (what you eat)
  • Healthy Eating Guidelines (why, where, and  how you eat)
  • Find Easeful Living

This will expand on our learning from last month but the information also stands alone.

Friday, April  14th 12:30 – 4:30pm



12 in stock


Access Ayurveda’s rich toolbox of lifestyle medicine, with implementation plans from Ayurveda Health Educator, Jill Novak. 

Create time and space to drop into you, to access your deeper wisdom and learn to trust it.  Set the intention to let go of what doesn’t serve you and to double down on what shifts things for the better. Be in community with people doing the same things. 

Each month we will host a half day of purposeful practice: Yoga, Mediation, and of course, Discussion.

Your body and mind already know this stuff, we just give you back up – explanation and vocabulary for the stuff that you’ve never been taught, but just know is true. A holistic approach that takes into account the inseparable connection of mind, body, and spirit. Context for your ongoing healing and personal evolution.  

Bring your Yoga Mat, Water bottle or mug of tea, a Journal and Pen, Dress cozy. 

Only 12 spots available each month. SIGN UP NOW!


Friday, April  14th 12:30 – 4:30pm


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