Habit Evolution Essentials

Habit Evolution Essentials

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Habit Evolution Essentials


The best way to create a new habit is to start small and keep it simple. When you can get traction around small changes you start to break through your resistance to change. You are literally teaching yourself how to evolve. One small step at a time. As we teach ourselves how to make Hot Water and anchor in our morning routine we are proving to ourselves that

  1. Change can be positive
  2. That we don’t need to be stressed about new, unfamiliar things
  3. We give ourselves permission to fail and not be perfect
  4. We learn that when we set about to do something we can trust ourselves to do it
  5. We build our competency for growth, and allow a bigger vision to grow for what our life could be

The habits of Ayurveda are simple. They are the stuff of old wives’ tales, and of ‘Top 10 To-Do’s for Successful People’. The habits are simple, it is our patterns, beliefs, and resistance to change that complicates things. It is essential that we learn the psychology behind habit creation, and set ourselves up with the tools and the mindset to make new habits happen.

This course is essential to the Year of YOU. Call it “Prep-School”, the prerequisite to declaring that this Year is all about YOU!

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