Heal Your Digestion

Heal Your Digestion


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Your digestive fire plays a key part in your health. We have all heard that your gut is your second brain. Learn to tend to the fire of digestion, and not notice when you have a build-up of un-digestable gunk in your system that is stopping efficient processing in your body. 


Each Dosha has a tendency to fall out of balance in a specific way. For some experiences of bloating, gas and constipation are common, for others diarrhea and heartburn, still others it is slow digestion, heaviness and lethargy.  IBS is such a common issue in our world today. Our food industry doesn’t care one bit about our health and our health industry doesnt care about food.  We dance around the big issue of how what we are putting in our body is affecting us physically, mentally, and blocking us from the clarity, energy, and vitality to break into a bigger life. Digesting 24/7 is energy expensive, leaving us depleted. 


Creating a digestive rhythm allow efficiency into a system that has a hard time being effective, let alone efficient, given our modern eating patterns, is our goal.  Come learn this major life hack and start to heal your digestion today. 


9 in stock


Access Ayurveda’s rich toolbox of lifestyle medicine, with implementation plans from Ayurveda Health Educator, Jill Novak. 

Create time and space to drop into you, to access your deeper wisdom and learn to trust it.  Set the intention to let go of what doesn’t serve you and to double down on what shifts things for the better. Be in community with people doing the same things. 

Each month we will host a half day of purposeful practice: Yoga, Mediation, and of course, Discussion.

Your body and mind already know this stuff, we just give you back up – explanation and vocabulary for the stuff that you’ve never been taught, but just know is true. A holistic approach that takes into account the inseparable connection of mind, body, and spirit. Context for your ongoing healing and personal evolution.  

Bring your Yoga Mat, Water bottle or mug of tea, a Journal and Pen, Dress cozy. 

Only 12 spots available each month. SIGN UP NOW!


Friday, May 12th 12:30 – 4:30pm


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