I pulled up an anchor this week, and am flowing once more in the current.  This anchor has been down for 10 years. It was solid, and the current flowed around it well.  I have been a fan of anchors.  Certainty anchors. When the world around you is spinning, have some things that you can depend on. Some places will be consistent and grounding for you.  It feels like my whole Ayurveda Year of YOU course revolves around creating these anchors.

Control what you can control. Let go of the rest.

Have the courage to change the thing you can, the serenity to accept the things you can’t, and the wisdom to know the difference.

These anchors are mostly habits. Mostly small actions that give structure and cadence to my day.  The day of the entrepreneur can be so varied and dependant on mood and motivation, so to be successful I needed them.  And now, I am pulling them up, allowing the current to pull me once again.

I am untethered. In flow.

It is discombobulating. It is a bit confusing and uncomfortable. Going with the flow is the lesson of nature. Asking us to sync with the rhythm of nature.  And this feels like a bigger leap into trusting that.  Perhaps nature is my grounding now, it will be the anchor now that my man-made ones are lifted and in the boat.  Nature will determine the depth and speed.

It is a shifting of paradigms for me. Something new. It feels like this shift is me, is echoed in many as we learn to operate without anchors in the unpredictable world. Perhaps this learning is important. Perhaps there is a message and lesson that I need to understand so that I will be able to operate in a healthy vibrant way in the future.

I know there is. Learning it is hard. I was quite fond of my anchors. Fond of the certainty and stability they provided me. Now, on a floating boat, that certainty and stability require a different source. One that I am still attempting to grasp. A source that I am still not proficient at using. For lack of more accurate terms, I am going to call this source Universal Wisdom.

Universal wisdom is the innate knowledge that was gifted to me, ever-increasing in availability to me. It is far less tactile and logical than my tried and true certainty anchors of the past. It is in me. Around me. Accessible to me.  It is energy. It is intuition. It is connection to self.  Connection to divine.

So, that is where I find myself this January 2022.

Pulling up anchors, trusting that Universal Wisdom will be the constant now.

Phew…. it is big, and scary.  In theory, I know it. My practice has got me to the point where it is time to lift the anchors. Take off the training wheels. Damn it, here it goes, I hope I know how to paddle a boat.