Upstairs, above the yoga studio, works a very accomplished, professional woman. She is well educated, highly skilled, and authoritative. I know this because I can hear her shoes. The click, click, click of her power heels as she crosses the floor above me screams a successful businesswoman. I reflect on my quiet bare feet and how recognition for my kind of businesswoman is rare.

Here is a second story: As a stay at home mom when our kids were little I went to a corporate event with my husband. There was a draw that you entered with your business card. I didn’t have one. I couldn’t enter the draw. I told my Mom the story in one of those feeling worthless drained Mom moments. She made me business cards with the credentials M.U.M Masters Underage Management.

We all have a mental picture of what it means to be successful in this world. Mine apparently has business cards and power heels in it.

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