Yoga therapy

private sessions in Cochrane

Find your breath, range of motion, smooth strong movement, and stability. Invite under utilized muscle groups to be a bigger participant in neuromuscular connection. Quiet down the parts that work way to hard. Fall back into efficiencies your body has forgotten. Learn to listen to your body, and to feel the rewards of listening.  This is mindful, awareness building work. You build a strong biofeedback loop between your body and your brain, repatterining inefficiencies. You will create efficient lines of communication in all important neuromuscular pathways. You tune in to tune up, work the way your body was designed to work. Find ease.

Yoga therapy is $75 per private session. Jill will conduct a private session in your own home (town of Cochrane) for $100.

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Ayurvedic assessment

Harness the universal rules of nature, sync your lifestyle toward a health thriving life. Ayurveda uses habit evolution to sooth your nervous system and let your innate energy rise up.

Complete this Ayurvedic Assessment document so we can uncover your results.

To give Jill greater context around why you are booking, please print and fill out this health information form and bring it to your appointment.

Structure and posture

We come to our current place in life as a compilation of all that has happened to us in life – injury, surgery, illness, family history, lifestyle, etc. Our posture develops around this structure as best it can to support and sustain us.  This posture is an amazing thing that holds the body, but often it is under a lot of strain as it braces, grips, or clenches to bear the load.  If we can help improve the posture that supports everything else, we can create ease and release tension and pain.

Movement, breath, and stillness

The tool of Breath, Movement and Stillness help us to identify and alleviate compensation patterns in the body that have developed in your posture in order to support you.  If the current way of doing things is creating pain, lets find a new way.  Build new patterns in your body, wake up bits that have been a bit lazy,  and letting the hard working parts have a bit of a break. Sometimes  we protect areas, consciously or unconsciously, because it has been hurt in the past, inadvertently making another part of our body bear more load. It can be a vicious cycle.  By watching what is moving properly and what is moving that should not be, we teach the mind to communicate to muscles and connective tissue in new ways. We start to ditch old patterns, and build up new sustainable, efficient, and pain-free ones.  By returning awareness to the new pattern on a regular basis, it gets stronger, has more stamina, and you are on your way to healing.