Every Day Holds Great Possibility

Small changes are sustainable and don’t require you to upend your life. Ayurveda shows us what simple shifts create the best results. Change specific things and reap big rewards.
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  • Create deep connections
  • Rise with a smile and readiness for your day
  • Feel abundant energy and passion for life
  • Fall into deep restorative sleep at night

Life is Sustained by our Mind, Body and Soul

They are the basis for everything.

Simple Daily Practices
Do something long enough to reap the rewards.
Prioritize Your Health
Manage your nourishment, sleep and energy with skill.
Align with your Life Purpose
Learn, work, live with elevated awareness.

Discover your Keystone Habit

You deserve to live your life purpose.

Nature has rules, they are universal and apply to all of us, they can not be escaped. When we follow these rules, we create daily routines that enrich our day, and fuel our life. We automate the habits that align with nature’s rhythm. This is Ayurveda, the circadian clock of the universe, drawing out the unlived, passionate life within you. Yoga calls this life your Dharma, life purpose.

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Here’s How it Works

Step 1

Watch the video “What is Year of YOU?”

Step 2

Read the Year of YOU Guide

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Step 3

Book a Call with Jill

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What is Year of YOU?

A Year of YOU


I create payment plans as necessary for each new member. Right now I am testing a “pay what you can” offer to those who need this course but are limited by finances. It is important to me that you invest in you so that you will do this work, but please have a conversation with me if you need financial consideration. 
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Is it possible to live in this modern world and still apply yogic principles?
The science and art of Yoga and Ayurveda say yes.
  • Boost vitality and allow flow by syncing with natures cycle.
  • Use keystone habits to drop anchors of certainty in your day.
  • Experience change as positive. Know the difference between valid fear and something unfamiliar.  
  • Stop burn out with a balanced approach to your day.

Your investment includes:

  • Weekly Ayurveda Video Lessons with journal prompts for personal goal setting.
  • Weekly Zoom Community Calls for accountability, support, and increased clarity on your needs.
  • Habit Psychology Practices to enhance your ability to up-level daily routines.
  • 1 Hour Ayurveda Constitutional Assessment to understand your Dosha/unique physical makeup and health.
  • Access to the Ayurveda Basics Course loaded with key terminology and fundamental principles.
  • Members-only Online Yoga Classes.
  • 4 Private Yoga Sessions (designed for you and recorded for your use only).
  • Ongoing check-in calls to fine-tune your path forward.

What Participants Say

“I most likely wouldn’t have done this with any other coach.  Jill was professional in all our Zoom calls. Supportive of every person and didn’t feed into any negative energy.  She kept us on the right path and had the right advice to make sure we would always see the baby step. I found her facebook posts very helpful as well.” – KJ

“I love love love Jill. She has been a personal inspiration in her own life and changes (with willingness and vulnerability to share). She is high energy, so knowledgeable, and has helped with pain management and overall mental health. She asks probing questions, keeps us accountable, checks in, is supportive, and positive. She is also super inclusive and makes sure everyone gets a chance and is encouraged to open up.” – MB

“This course has taught me awareness; physical, mental, cravings, sleep patterns. I am able to see when I feel good and when I’m going or have gone off course. I can recognize this and step back in to get back on course. I’ve introduced earlier to bed, meditation, water in morning routine, lighter dinner. These are becoming natural. I’m exposing myself to some of the other habits that I have more resistance to but am not hard on myself about how they make me feel.”  – CP