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A group for growth mindset people committed to continuous small improvements in daily routines to uplevel mind, body, and spirit.
The Year of YOU has a powerful, engaged, accountable group of people who are supporting each other to grow as we anchor key habits in our day and free up that energy for other more visionary things. I wanted to bring that same sense of community and growth to everyone even a little interested in the big leaps happening in my online habit evolution course.
I have always created community, building a Yogi Book Club, Mastermind Groups, Fireweed Yoga Teacher Training, and my amazing loyal Yoga following. This group takes that online, so all of you, where ever you may be in the world, can be a part of the vision and invitation to grow that I love to foster.
Ayurveda’s Healing Habits with Jill is the FREE way to be a part of my community and absorb the wisdom of this life science in bite-sized chunks. Delivering tips to consider when building your rhythms and routines, and alerting you when changes may be required to account for the seasonal shifts.
Perks of the group:
  • Start to shift your mindset and find that new sweet spot where you are actively becoming the next version of yourself in sweet small steps.

  • As a member, you will be notified of any special training or freebies that Jill publishes.

  • Once a month Jill will be teaching live in the group.

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You deserve to live the connected and purposeful life you’ve always craved.

I understand how depressing it can feel knowing that you’ve been buying into external fixes and getting nowhere. That’s why, over the past 10 years, I have used the ancient principles of Yoga and Yoga Therapy to help people just like you get unstuck and introduce them to a powerfully full life – one that was already in them!

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