Sensory Organ Care Meditation

September 10th, 2021|

It feels like the world is grabbing us by the shoulders and trying to shake us up and tell us to “come to our senses”

There is a huge plea for us to wake up and use the faculties we have been given with keen discernment (this word in Yoga is Viveka “right understanding” and “discrimination of knowledge”).


Literally, we can start coming to our senses by bringing our awareness to these 5 abilities in our body and tune them up. To feel the intelligence of our senses acutely and accurately. To possess Viveka.


So, as with all, we go inward, paying attention to the small things in order to grow our awareness of the big things.

We have a perception that as we age, our senses lose acuity. We know that when our senses are cloudy we don’t make decisions as easily. Our five sense organs enable us to perceive and understand the world around us. When we take care of our senses, we gain perceptivity, we find clarity, and this feels like an essential tool right now.

Drop into this long meditation, allowing yourself time to connect, appreciate and understand the constant works these senses are doing on your behalf every day. Take time to listen, to be aware of when your senses are overwhelmed, when they are accurate, and when you are able to discern the data they consistently deliver to you in a clear and concise manner.

Essential stuff. Enjoy.


Energy Management Guided Meditation

March 31st, 2021|

The 3rd Pillar of Health is Brahmacharya, Energy Management. Tune into this Audio Guided Meditation and Journal Session to help you get clear on how you are upholding this pillar of health in your life.

I run the call the way I run the “Year of YOU” weekly zoom calls: a short lesson on the topic, a meditation to get us in our bodies and encompass more than our critical brains, and then I guide you through questions and you notice your sensations. At the close of the meditation, you journal, right away noting what you became aware of, what your own “knowing” told you. This was originally a workshop where we launched into a juicy discussion afterward.

Ayurveda says that our health depends on Sleep, Nourishment, and Energy Management. The word for Energy Management in Yoga is Brahmacharya, and my favourite translation is to “stay in conduct with one’s own soul”. What a beautiful consideration, that being aligned with your own soul is a key factor for your health. I love it.

In this audio recording, draw wisdom from your soul, bring your innate knowledge to consciousness and recognize what you want and need.

Consider Energy in the following ways:

  • How do we create energy?
  • How do we conserve energy?
  • How do we replenish energy?
  • Where do we direct energy?
  • What sucks energy from us?

What potent questions to consider, aware of how each affects our vitality?

I believe that when we create awareness around simple things, we draw better boundaries, prioritize the right things, and grow ever more into our full potential as human beings.

Hope you enjoy it.

A Bedtime Yoga Nidra

November 26th, 2020|

Mediation is a huge tool to connect with yourself. This Nidra – designed to allow you to fall asleep, was recorded for my Year of YOU group during the COVID lockdowns. We agreed that being curled up in your own home after a Nidra is a fantastic way to practice “Yoga Sleep” and not need to wake up, haul yourself out into the cold, scrape your windshield and drive home. This is divine. Recorded so that you can turn over and turn off my voice as soon as you are ready to float into sleep.
Enjoy this deep dive into 3 of the sets of qualities that Ayurveda asks you to analyze in your being. Feeling your body’s response to what you need right now.

Jill’s Guided 4 Step Process to Yourself

June 13th, 2019|

Connect to your innate wisdom

What if we could sync into inner wisdom and connect to an all knowing doctor who could help us steer clear of pitfalls in our health? What if we could find our personal in-house doctor, willing to tell us everything that we need to know, if only we are able to hear what the doctor has to say. Tapping into this can be better than a pill. Ownership of this connection creates confidence and independence. It creates a high of its own. I want to share with you how I tap into my body’s inner wisdom.

The practice starts with an attempt to filter the cultural message enough to allow our body truth to be heard. We think we will need to coax this wisdom out of our bodies, but in reality, when we are ready, it is effortless, because this inner advice-giver is just as eager to connect with us.

Here is the formula that I use to connect us to that all powerful healing place.

Listen in

Breath with the Elements

October 4th, 2018|

Understanding our connection to the five elements helps us find our balance.  I feel like I connect to these elements through my Ayurvedic understanding of them. As I tune into how I feel I can use the elements as descriptors of what I feel in my body. They give me metaphors and visuals that guide me back to my centre.

This was recorded at the beginning of the “Off The Mat” class at Alchemy Yoga in Sept. What followed was a stimulating and thought provoking conversation on how each of experiences the elements in our own bodies. The audio is not perfect, but the sensations are visceral.

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