Yoga’s 5 Layers of Being, The Koshas, and how they support you.

Yoga, by definition, means Union of mind, body and soul. There is a built-in acknowledgement that your health rests upon things much deeper than the physical body. There are 5 layers of self, or being, that you must care for in our path to health. The word kosha, means [...]

Yoga’s 5 Layers of Being, The Koshas, and how they support you.2022-06-07T14:14:44-06:00

Playing with the Universe

"Imagine what you want, then get out of the way" - Willie Nelson "I imagine what I want then I try to control the shit out of it" - Brene Brown I start to build a story of how it should happen, what I need to do to make it [...]

Playing with the Universe2022-01-18T09:19:39-07:00

A Turning Point

Today I teach my last class Wednesday morning class at Alchemy Yoga. It is a turning point that came about organically and to be honest, snuck up on me. The enormity of this milestone is still sinking it. But It feels very much like a natural progression, the right [...]

A Turning Point2022-01-18T09:21:37-07:00

Pulling up the Anchor

I pulled up an anchor this week, and am flowing once more in the current.  This anchor has been down for 10 years. It was solid, and the current flowed around it well.  I have been a fan of anchors.  Certainty anchors. When the world around you is spinning, have [...]

Pulling up the Anchor2022-01-18T09:23:09-07:00

Sensory Organ Care Meditation

It feels like the world is grabbing us by the shoulders and trying to shake us up and tell us to "come to our senses" There is a huge plea for us to wake up and use the faculties we have been given with keen discernment (this word in Yoga [...]

Sensory Organ Care Meditation2021-09-10T14:22:24-06:00

Energy Management Guided Meditation

The 3rd Pillar of Health is Brahmacharya, Energy Management. Tune into this Audio Guided Meditation and Journal Session to help you get clear on how you are upholding this pillar of health in your life. I run the call the way I run the "Year of YOU" weekly zoom calls: [...]

Energy Management Guided Meditation2021-09-10T14:23:05-06:00
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