Have you heard the quote “Awareness is the greatest agent of change”?

Yoga Therapy creates awareness, and that leads to change.  It is a paradigm shift for those who are sick of trying to “fix it”.  A perfect option for those that want to  have more energy, less pain, release stress, sleep better, develop healthful daily habits.  Let go of the “no pain no gain” mentality, and in favour of the “less is more” mentality.  Are you ready?

Since 2009, Jill Novak has been teaching yoga. Currently hosting Yoga Therapy and Mindful Movement Group Classes, as well as private one hour Yoga Therapy sessions.

The last few years have been dedicated to work in Yoga Therapy (C-IAYT 1000hr) emphasizes moving within your body’s natural range of motion, allowing your breath to help you find “effortless effort” in the postures, and understanding that less can be more.  With this approach, yoga can support anyone wherever they are at in life.

Private Sessions can harness your awareness, offering you specific tools to manage chronic conditions, heal from injury, feel better, have less pain, and attain your personal goals around health.   Group classes focus on developing awareness of what your physical body is telling you.


“I wanted to give you this positive feedback:  your sessions have opened up some new channels to muscle strength that I found I have but was not accessing because I was using the other “helpers” (not) that create the tightness and tension. I live on an acreage and have horses & tons of gardening, and so do a lot of lifting, carrying, shoveling, etc. In the past, my chiropractor just kept suggesting that I change my lifestyle and quit doing all the things I love. Now, I am seeing changes in all of my daily activities. Thank you so much for this – I am really excited about continuing on with your program”. – IG

“Morning Jill. You would be proud of me!!  I played ringette last night and when I got home my back was sore. When I got in bed I lay down and really focused on mentally relaxing my back muscles in that area (as opposed to what I usually do which is tense everything up to try to protect it) and it worked lol. You could be changing my life!! Thanks and have a good day”. – ST

“My work with you is amazing. I’m learning so much about myself. I love it”. –JF

“Good Morning. Considering I went and hit a large bucket of balls after I left your house yesterday, my back and hip actually feel pretty damn good! I think that might be working”  – DS

“Ash has has zero pain since seeing you and doing the exercises. She went from complaining a lot about her pain and having limited mobility in her shoulder. Which is very worrisome for a healthy 13 year old. We learned more from you in one session than we did in 4 physio sessions. You have a natural gift? You are an amazing healer and we would highly recommend your services to friends over physio as you read the body and get to the root of the issue. 5 Star. Thumbs up”  – KP

“I have been doing yoga with Jill in foundation classes for almost 3 years.  I have loved her gentle, warm, happy and affirming approach to teaching classes and have felt welcomed and embraced in my practice.  I deal with a chronic illness and have struggled with anxiety and Jill has always encouraged me to do my practice at my own level, listening to my body carefully. It always has been a much anticipated hour of growing in my breathing and calmness and in becoming in better physical shape.

It seemed a perfect progression to begin yoga therapy with her.  I was so excited to gift myself with a class that was designed to fit ME and my varying weekly needs; for calmness, pain relief, and changing physical energy levels. Our private sessions have been absolutely delicious!  I sometimes feel guilty at the extent to which I feel pampered and cared for.  To focus on breath, gentle movement, to choose positions that fit with and aid my body in each session, to be able to talk about what I want, what images I see, how positions, actions make me feel, and to be so mentored, cared for, and partnered, emotionally and physically is a sublime experience.   I experience a real “in-tuneless” with Jill; I feel that we work together in intuitive harmony. She is always well prepared, and very willing to throw out all her planning and adjust our session to suit my body’s and spirit’s needs’ of the day.   Jill’s understanding and awareness of her own practice is always evolving and this evolution flows into and gently, continually influences her teaching in a wonderful way.

I have been dealing with a particularly stressful family situation as of late and I feel that the work with Jill has been very significant in my ability to experience continued peace in the middle of it. I am very grateful for her and highly recommend Jill to anyone wanting to explore and grow themselves through yoga therapy with someone who will gently and wisely guide them.

I look forward to continued growing and flowing!   Oh – and did I mention that she even has a yoga cat who purrs in quiet rhythm to my breathing?” – MS

“Thank you, Jill.  My back has been very sore the last couple of days.  After today’s session is much better and I can use the positions we learned when it hurts again”. – MN


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