Dharma is your Life Purpose.
YOU can feel it.

It shows up as a stirring, an ache, a longing for something…more.
It is your deep personal truth …. ready and wanting to be lived. 
Acknowledging your Dharma is a key factor in your health. 

Ayurveda offers 3 key principles for a thriving life

  • Trusting Your Innate Wisdom and live your personal truth
  • Tune Your Senses. Your taste, touch, sight, smell & hearing filter the world for you.
  • Living in tune with Nature’s Rhythm, honouring seasonal and lifecycle changes with awareness.
Ayurveda Basics Course

Ayurveda offers tools, not rules.

With them, we create steady alignment toward the life wanting to be lived.
  • Take care of myself and cultivate true self-love.
  • Know the signs of stress and anxiety and have tools to soothe them.
  • Be grounded and calm, responding to life with patience, interest, and love.
  • Allow the best version of myself to continually evolve and grow.

Jill Novak Yoga’s Mission is to Help You Live Your Life Purpose

I will be your coach, your Guide, the one that believes in you before you believe in yourself.
My job is not to teach you, but to help you unlock what is already inside of you.
Jill Novak Yoga A Year of YOU
The Year of YOU
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Jill Novak Yoga Community
Ayurveda’s Healing Habits with Jill is a group of growth mindset people, committed to continuous small improvements in daily routines to uplevel mind, body, and spirit. I have always created a community, building a Yogi Book Club, Mastermind Groups, and my amazing loyal Yoga following. 
This group takes that online, so all of you, wherever you may be in the world.  We do not need to live in the same town to grow together.

Get Unstuck

You deserve to live the connected and purposeful life you’ve always craved.

I understand how depressing it can feel knowing that you’ve been buying into external fixes and getting nowhere. That’s why, over the past 10 years, I have used the ancient principles of Yoga and Yoga Therapy to help people just like you get unstuck and introduce them to a powerfully full life – one that was already in them!