Do you crave the ability to make every day feel ‘just right’?

Good Days happen when you know the formula to unlocking your best self. I have uncovered a powerful, simple process to discover your unique formula-so that you fall into bed every night, with a big smile, thinking “THAT was a Good Day!”

  • a sense of time well spent

  • on a self-love high

  • a meaningful connection to others

  • physical strength and ability

I’m your Good Day Guide.

Good Days are created with tools from Ayurveda and Yoga.

Ayurveda is the Science of Life. There are basic laws of nature, and they apply to each and every one of us. When we practice these laws we drop into a deep connection with self. When our actions conflict with nature’s rhythm, everything we do takes extra energy. This is so inefficient. When we allow ourselves to sync with this circadian rhythm, life gets easier, healthier, and our stress disappears.

Yoga is the ability to unite with yourself. It is what makes you comfortable in your own skin, friends with your body, and in tune with its wisdom. It is Yoga that helps you override a bossy, fearful brain, and connect to a deeper truth. The idea that Yoga is a one hour class where you practice a bunch of movements and breathing is just the tip of the iceberg (an important tip granted!). Yoga, in its full rich definition, creates the foundation for all your internal wisdom to rise up and propel your life in your unique purposeful direction.

Healing, health and happiness comes through your connection with self (Yoga) and your connection to nature’s rhythm (Ayurveda). This is a powerful combination that when incorporated into a daily ritual, guarantees your Good Day, every day!

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