Ayurveda  – September 2018

Go back to the basics with ancient wisdom from Ayurveda – Ancient Wisdom for Today’s Wellness.

This free program is being offered at the Cochrane Public Library
Wednesday, September 12
6:30 – 8:00 pm

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Evolve Retreat Weekend

Evolve Retreat Weekend

Golden, BC


October 19-21, 2018

Friday 4pm - Sunday 2pm


Live by the wisdom of Ayurveda and Yoga for the weekend. Following the ancient suggestions for our daily rhythm we we rise early, infuse our bodies with breath, eat 3 meals with no snacking, observe a full 14 hour night time fast, and set ourselves up for deep restorative sleep. We create space and clarity as we simplify how we spend our time, soak up the intentional community, have alone time to journal, enjoy quiet time in the beautiful meditation space, and walk the transformational labyrinths.


Your investment includes:

- Friday Dinner, 3 Meals Saturday, and Breakfast/Lunch on Sunday

- 4 Yoga Therapy/Mindful Movement Classes

- 2 Personal Evolution Classes to help you create the foundation for the next evolution of you that is already itching a little to show up ; )

- 1 Shamanic Drumming Evening Session

- Access to Hot Tub, Cedar Sauna, Transformational Labyrinths, Meditation House, and ability to book a massage on site

- Space, Vision, Clarity.


Shared Accommodation: $471.43 + GST = $495

Private Accommodation: $523.81 + GST = $550

Friday October 19, 2018
4:00 PM
Evolve Retreat Weekend
Friday October 19, 2018,4:00 PM
Spots left: 13
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The Year of You

The Year of You
Immerse * Transform * Empower  

The Jill Novak Yoga Annual Pass

Many of you know I hosted a Year of Jill in 2009 and have never looked back. I discovered first hand that looking after me was not selfish, and would not change the care and love I could offer those around me. Quite the opposite: the  idea of “put you oxygen mask on first” is real and important for each of us. If you are ready for “The Year of You", then let me support you in your personal growth goals, help you unfurl into the next version of you. Chances are you can almost feel that version itching to get out, asking you to shift just a little to create space for new patterns to break through. I believe in the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and Yoga, they are basic, common sense, intuitive suggestions that sync with my inner wisdom so seamlessly.  The trust I have in the information that you will learn is deep and abiding: listen deeply, and the rewards are abundant.

If you choose to invest in YOU this year then this is how I will support you:

The Healing Habits evolutionary 11 week course (3 times) = $1485  value
Repetition is the key to success, I am on my 5th go around of these habits and each time I drop deeper in sync with them. Allowing my body to align with natures rhythm and out of old expired patterns that once trapped me. Although the information will have the same basics each time, the community will grow and strengthen as we continue together.

Private Yoga Therapy Sessions  (6 sessions) = $472 value
The body doesn’t lie. A fact. When we come back to the body to connect, align, strengthen, and release, we tune inward and listen at such a deep level that we actually create new neuro-muscular pathways in the body. Each yoga therapy session supports your growth into strength, balance, and ease. We tune in to tune up. Leaving you connected, content, and with great new biofeedback cycles to nurture you. If you are local these can be done in person, if not we will hook up to Skype for our work together.

Open access to my Seasonal Ayurvedic Workshops = $120 value
Each Spring and Fall I host a workshop teaching you simple ways to shift your habits to align with the call of the new season. We talk about diet, movement, and breath. Around the New Year I host a workshop designed to help you step into your potential. It is breathing, moving, journalling, and space to help you create your vision of you.

Open access to my Spring Detox = $180 value
This 4 week course is designed to help you drop into a deep cleanse, rejuvenate after a long winter. I cant say more just yet as this has yet to take shape in my mind, only that the version in 2018 was juicy. Delicious.

10% Discount to my Retreats
This year there are two retreats currently on the books, if more pop up before Sept 2019 I will let you know. Right now you can consider the Evolve Retreat in Golden, BC this October ($50 off), and the Sayulita Mexico Retreat in February 2019 (approx. $160 off) .

The Value of this bundle without the Retreat Discounts is: $2257.

The investment if you enrol for September 2018 is $1365 (incl. GST)

Saturday September 01, 2018
12:00 PM
The Year of You
Saturday September 01, 2018,12:00 PM
Regular ($1,365.00)
Spots left: 9
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My Vibrant Life

My Vibrant Life

Aligning with wisdom from Yoga and Ayurveda  

When we take small steps in the right direction we create sustainable change. Don't bite off more than you can chew, notice the impact of small change and keep your action step well within your willpower. Immersing yourself in the structure of a growth oriented community is proven to increase your chances of success as well. That is what I do, create community, deliver small simple steps, and create this huge beautiful space for your awareness to grow, allowing you to see your own evolution.

This is an 11 week course dedicated to adopting daily habits that support your personal evolution.

My experience of these habits is that they provide me a toolbox of skills to draw on when I feel out of balance. I notice that when I am in balance I am following a few key habits, and learning my keystone ones for personal evolution. I have let go of the idea that things just go down hill as I age, and have learned that I can continue to create energy and joy every year as I sync more with the rhythm nature offers us.  I’ve released attachment to being busy, learned to say no, and carved out moments of time for self care. My daily choices are changing and the results are powerful, tangible, and feel like a deep content breath that breaks into a big smile.

I will support your Investment in your Healing Habits in many ways:

- Weekly live coaching calls focusing on one Ayurvedic Habit each week. We will meet online and our calls will be recorded for anyone with a scheduling cant be live. We decode the habit of the week, troubleshoot, ask questions, and get support.  These calls will be Thursdays at 9am for 75 minutes.
- An Online Library of support material full of videos, recipes, breath practices, mediations, and life hacks from Ayurveda and Yoga. This will be available 24/7 to support your journey when it is convenient for you.
- Membership in our private facebook group to report break throughs, find community, get support
- An accountability partner within the group to bounce your daily practices off and find daily encouragement.
- 2 personal 1/2 hr coaching sessions with Jill - bring your tough layers forward and together we lean into the discomfort to see what is blocking your progress.  

$495 (incl GST.)

Enrolling for September 20 - November 29, 2018

Email Jill to schedule a 20 min chat about this course and if it fits with your needs.

Will repeat again January - March 2019 & again April - June 2019

Testimonials from those who have taken a 12 week course from me before:

"Words that come to me: balanced, body-mind connectedness, companioning, integration, self-exploration, breath, health."  - MS

"Well for me, the course shone a light on a need I was ignoring: sloooowwww down! Stop. Sleep. Tune in. Breathe.
And then open my eyes and see what was ahead of me, rather than charging down a road just because it was there.
In order to be honest about what I wanted my life to look like, I needed to make the space to check in with myself every day. Allow things to unwind so I could see clearly. I can’t think of a word. But I can tell you it’s the feeling you feel when you sit outside, on top of a mountain, and open your eyes (after sitting in silence, eyes closed). When You know, without a doubt, who you are. Effortlessly so. It’s just there.” - KT

Thursday September 20, 2018
12:00 PM
My Vibrant Life
Thursday September 20, 2018,12:00 PM
Regular ($495.00)
Spots left: 10
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Sayulita Yoga Retreat 2019

February 9-14, 2019
Sayulita, Mexico

Yoga. Ayureda. Sunshine.

PhotoGallery:  Take a look at all the fun we had in 2018!

Sometimes you just need to escape Winter. We learned last year that this retreat has a light hearted fun filled quality that is less serious than our secluded forest destinations in Canada! So take a deep breath, shake off the heaviness of winter, step into the sunshine. We will wake up to rooster crowing, practice yoga, enjoy a great breakfast, and by lunch time have the afternoon free to explore the fun little town of Sayulita. There is time to have a massage on the beach, an afternoon at the turtle sanctuary, maybe an excursion on the water, and late afternoon meet at a local great restaurant for our dinner. After dinner we will return for an evening yoga session perhaps a Yoga Nidra under the starry sky, or a gratitude filled meditation. You will restore with fresh food, deep sleep, sunshine, and the healing connection that comes when like minded people gather and connect.

The Hotel is a quaint little 3 star that will serve our breakfast and offer us a stunning room for our yoga sessions.

Arrival February 9th. 5 night stay, returning home February 14th.

$1140 includes Yoga, Double Accommodation, Breakfasts, Airport Transfers to the Hotel.

Email Jill to reserve your spot today! Registration coming soon.


Read more: Design Your Detox – Spring 2019.


Seasonal Yoga Practice Workshop – Watch for Fall Dates

This workshop talk about how aligning with the rhythms of the season and tuning into the natural energies to balance and support you.  We use the lens of Ayurveda to highlight the specific seasonal energies and share how you can fall into their captivating cycle. Bring a yoga mat, water or tea to sip, a notebook/pen and an open mind.


Yoga Therapy Small Group Sessions (5-6 week registered course)

This class focuses on movement patterns and breath. It goes small to go big. Enhancing how you interpret your own bio feedback cycles to create movement. You, your brain, and your body tune in to notice where your body needs supporting and strengthening and where it is tight and overworked. We often have big a-ha’s in this class as we realize that where the pain is – is NOT where the problem is.

We are finishing up the Spring sessions and will begin again in September.


Yoga & Spa Day – coming Nov/ December 2018

Our Yoga Spa Day happens a couple times a year.  It is an afternoon investment in your self – slow down, breath deep, move, and then release yourself into the pampering rooms of the Cave Sauna & Day Spa in Cochrane.  Our 5th Yoga & Spa day and is in the works, only 12 spots available.

Yoga & Spa Day 2017 Flyer

Description of the day is here.