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Rhythm Revive: An Ayurveda Yoga Retreat | February 9-15

Embark on a transformative retreat in the serene oasis of Tulum, Mexico, a journey designed to align you with your authentic self and establish a health-infused daily rhythm. This holistic experience, nestled within the tranquil beauty of Pepem Eco Luxury Hotel, offers an exquisite blend of wellness practices, enlightening workshops, [...]

Unlock Ayurveda’s 3 Powerful Pillars of Health: Yurt Series

There are 3 Pillars of Health in Ayurveda. In our September workshop we dive into Nourishment, Sleep, and Energy Management. Do you notice your energy crashes after lunch? Do you have a hard time getting to sleep? Or wake in the middle of the night? What is your eating schedule? Regular [...]


Heal Your Digestion

SIGN UP NOW! Your digestive fire plays a key part in your health. We have all heard that your gut is your second brain. Learn to tend to the fire of digestion, and not notice when you have a build-up of un-digestable gunk in your system that is stopping efficient [...]

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