Explorations of Your Breath Pattern

October 24th, 2017|

Want to dive into how you and your breath are actually connected? Increase your awareness of when and how your personal patterns are restricting your body’s ability to have full and strong breaths?

When we realize that our breath is not optimal, and we start to understand when it happens, then we can begin to shift it. I truly believe that if you breath right, everything goes right. Donna Fahri wrote “The Breathing Book” years ago, and my copy is dog eared and well loved. She leads us through breath inquiries to help us understand some of the common patterns our fast paced culture has created in our species. When we unwind these patterns we simple breath better.

The following breath inquiry is inspired from Donna Fahri’s Breathing Book.

Get settled and give yourself 10 minutes to see what you find in your body. I will lead you through 3 ways of noticing your own breath patterns. Move through them, then sit and notice how you feel afterwards. Notice if you feel any kind of change. Sometimes awareness is all we need to shift the patterns, some

times we need a bit more coaching and support. Yoga Therapy is all about helping you find that strong and unrestricted breath. It will help you make your workouts more efficient, reduce your recovery time with your physio exercises, and increase your stamina for your day of golf/skiing/hiking.

If you listen and can feel the changes in your body then simply start to let that awareness expand into the activities and actions of your day. If you can see the pattern but the unwinding isn’t so forthcoming, then find some support to help you get there – get Donna Fahri’s book or maybe book a yoga therapy session.