It feels like the world is grabbing us by the shoulders and trying to shake us up and tell us to “come to our senses”

There is a huge plea for us to wake up and use the faculties we have been given with keen discernment (this word in Yoga is Viveka “right understanding” and “discrimination of knowledge”).


Literally, we can start coming to our senses by bringing our awareness to these 5 abilities in our body and tune them up. To feel the intelligence of our senses acutely and accurately. To possess Viveka.


So, as with all, we go inward, paying attention to the small things in order to grow our awareness of the big things.

We have a perception that as we age, our senses lose acuity. We know that when our senses are cloudy we don’t make decisions as easily. Our five sense organs enable us to perceive and understand the world around us. When we take care of our senses, we gain perceptivity, we find clarity, and this feels like an essential tool right now.

Drop into this long meditation, allowing yourself time to connect, appreciate and understand the constant works these senses are doing on your behalf every day. Take time to listen, to be aware of when your senses are overwhelmed, when they are accurate, and when you are able to discern the data they consistently deliver to you in a clear and concise manner.

Essential stuff. Enjoy.