“Imagine what you want, then get out of the way” – Willie Nelson

“I imagine what I want then I try to control the shit out of it” – Brene Brown

I start to build a story of how it should happen, what I need to do to make it happen, and I start to build the grind that will be necessary to bring that dream to fruition.  And don’t get me wrong, action is a part, for me, to alchemize ideas into reality.  But there is a stronger force I am playing with right now. It is energy.  Energy is potent, powerful, and the universe knows how to use it much more efficiently than the grind.

The idea that each day I can imagine what I want, then I say to the Universe, I am ready for what you need me for today.  Ask the Universe to bring forward where I can be of service. When I approach the day in that way, magic happens.  The work becomes staying present.  Giving up the numbing and distracting stuff, like scrolling on my phone, so that I am available to follow through with nudges from my intuition reminding me to take care of myself: go for a walk, eat well, hit a yoga class. Only when I am listening will I be able to hear the opportunities the Universe is offering. Sometimes it comes in the form of inspiration, something that I need to write or speak to.  Sometimes it is an email or phone call from someone. The Universe delivers each and every day that I have practiced this.

I could replace the word Universe with God, or intuition, or innate intelligence, or gut instinct, or what ever divine force you feel at work in your life. For now, for me, Universe feels like the right word.

And it blows me away EVERY TIME.

There is so much I am meant to be doing that no hussle or grind could reveal to me. And the universe thinks so much bigger than I do.  Knowing exactly where my skills will serve the greatest good. Quitting the instagram and facebook strategies and letting the Universe decide on things has been so much more valuable for me.

But it is essential that I have a clear connection to the messages from m soul. THAT is my work to do.  My work to ensure that I can easily connect to the wisdom directing me. So this is my daily practice. Be my witness. Hold me to it. And explore with me.

P.S. Listen to Brene Brown interview Willie and Lucas Nelson on the Unlocking Us Podcast Nov 16, 2021, on this whole topic.