The 3rd Pillar of Health is Brahmacharya, Energy Management. Tune into this Audio Guided Meditation and Journal Session to help you get clear on how you are upholding this pillar of health in your life.

I run the call the way I run the “Year of YOU” weekly zoom calls: a short lesson on the topic, a meditation to get us in our bodies and encompass more than our critical brains, and then I guide you through questions and you notice your sensations. At the close of the meditation, you journal, right away noting what you became aware of, what your own “knowing” told you. This was originally a workshop where we launched into a juicy discussion afterward.

Ayurveda says that our health depends on Sleep, Nourishment, and Energy Management. The word for Energy Management in Yoga is Brahmacharya, and my favourite translation is to “stay in conduct with one’s own soul”. What a beautiful consideration, that being aligned with your own soul is a key factor for your health. I love it.

In this audio recording, draw wisdom from your soul, bring your innate knowledge to consciousness and recognize what you want and need.

Consider Energy in the following ways:

  • How do we create energy?
  • How do we conserve energy?
  • How do we replenish energy?
  • Where do we direct energy?
  • What sucks energy from us?

What potent questions to consider, aware of how each affects our vitality?

I believe that when we create awareness around simple things, we draw better boundaries, prioritize the right things, and grow ever more into our full potential as human beings.

Hope you enjoy it.