Today I teach my last class Wednesday morning class at Alchemy Yoga. It is a turning point that came about organically and to be honest, snuck up on me. The enormity of this milestone is still sinking it. But It feels very much like a natural progression, the right order of things.

It has been 10 years that I have been on my mat with you on Wednesday mornings. 10 years of growing, learning, and downloading what felt right to share. It was an anchor in my week and always felt so good to immerse in the energy of the community.

I will miss it.


Filling the time slot is a brave and intuitive new teacher that graduated from our Fireweed Yoga Teacher Training Program. Jody and I are both so proud of this program and the talent that is coming from it. It feels right. Developing the kind of programs that let people shine their light is what we want to do more of.

My Wednesday scheduling conflict is a super amazing opportunity to help another healer bring her course to the world. It feels big and important and necessary. For the last year and a bit, I have been helping people overcome the blocks that stop them from big bold offerings, these are messages the world needs.

This is a turning point. A moment to mark 10 years of consistency. Ideas were explored, concepts came to life, and we found awareness around our innate wisdom. We came to the mat to feel and experience the connection of mind, body soul. The union that Yoga talks about. That was always the goal of Mindful Movement. To use breath and movement to sync into the incredible intelligence built right in each of us. The more we do this the more Ojas we build for bigger things. You helped me build. I hope I helped you build too.

My relationship with Alchemy Yoga is not over. Jody and Kyle are among my best friends. Jody and I have a business that is incredibly important to us and integral to our service. As we continue to create ways to deliver the Yoga message to the world I know Alchemy will be a home to me again.

To the Alchemy community, thank you. Thank you for being an instrumental part of my journey. For being there with me on the easy days and the hard ones. For showing up because you knew the connection to yourself and to the rest of us would be juicy and delicious.

I will see you on the mat. Please keep in touch. You can always find me at