What I Learned From Running My Online Course

This post is for wellness-preneurs, small one-person businesses that want to grow, people who want to create an offering to share something they are passionate about, and find new ways to work in this ever-changing world.  Over the last few years, I have been both creating and immersing myself in [...]

What I Learned From Running My Online Course2020-10-19T12:00:27-06:00

The Exhaustion Loop

The Exhaustion Loop There is this cycle that happens over and over again. It keeps us trapped in an exhausting behavioral loop that always ends the same way - in defeat. We make a decision to get serious about our health and wellness and we jump in with enthusiasm,  “pulling [...]

The Exhaustion Loop2020-07-12T08:04:48-06:00

What I Learned in my Yoga Teacher Training

The Things I Have Learned in my Yoga Teacher Training: 1. It is just the beginning Do you believe that you’ll take your “Yoga Teacher Training” and acquire all the skills you’ll need? Your first training just whets your appetite. 2. Find your voice After every training your teacher’s voice [...]

What I Learned in my Yoga Teacher Training2020-07-12T08:05:20-06:00
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